Waylon's Fortress Fashion Competition

Waylon's Fortress Fashion Competition

As part of a collaboration with Youtuber WaylonPK, I'm bringing you his special event, Fortress Fashion! A marvelous competition where all TF2 players can have fun creating their cosmetic loadouts, and submit them for review so that you can get a prize from Waylon's item inventory!


I would like to add that I am very grateful to be part of this competition, as I contributed to Waylon's announcement of the event when it came to drawings featured in the video below. He had given me a simple reference and I turned them into these drawings.

Announcement Video

This video goes into detail about the event itself and what are the rules in order to be accepted and reviewed by the judges. As well as showcasing Waylon's different examples for the 3 different categories of fashion that you can submit. Make sure you're not late for the show, as you have up until September 19th to submit!

So what are you waiting for? Join us and show the judges what you are capable of when it comes to cosmetics combinations!

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