Who is ArtoMeister?

Well, I am just a creative young man who likes to make content, mostly drawing-related. I'm still an aspiring artist and an aspiring graphic designer but I hope to become a professional sometime in the near future.

My skills mostly revolve around drawings, making and editing videos, and writing blogs about stuff I'm involved in. I make these blogs as a sort of self-documentation of my experiences, in case anyone is curious to see what I've worked on.

I would like to point out that I went by a few different aliases back then online, you might have seen the names, Mr.B, Meta_Hedge, Meta_Gaming, and Da_Funkin'_Scout, regarding the works showcased here.

Methods to contact me:

Gmail: artomeister.emails@gmail.com

Discord: therealartomeister

Past works I've made:

SRB2Kart: Creepy Quillers Char' Pack addon

SRB2Kart: Korone's Kartastrophic Racers addon

Greenfoot: Weekend At Sonic's

TF2: Dragon's Fury Weapon Steam Guide

TF2: The Ultimate 2022 Cosmetics Loadouts Showcase Steam Guide

Collaborations I've been involved in:

TF2: Multiple Collaborations with Waylon

TF2: Waylon's Fortress Fashion Competition

SRB2Kart: Tiny Desk Engineers for Lother's Character Pack addon

SRB2: Mizzy's character artwork